Medical Malpractice Defense

Our attorneys have experience in all aspects of a medical malpractice case, from searching for the best experts available, to exhaustively preparing the very best defense for the physicians we represent.

We have earned a remarkable success rate in defending physicians and other healthcare providers in medical malpractice actions both in the states of Missouri and Illinois where all of our attorneys are licensed.

Because we understand that a defendant physician’s appearance before a jury is vital to a favorable verdict, a great deal of our time is spent ensuring that our physicians are engaged in, and comfortable, with the litigation process.

Beyond working with our defendant healthcare providers, our firm has expertise in obtaining the right expert in the right case and we routinely utilize the very best expert physicians available.  Because the presentation of evidence is nearly as important as the content, we are constantly looking for new ways to present evidence to jurors.  We therefore utilize a variety of litigation-specific software, such as Sanctions, to help the jurors fully comprehend the exhibits and evidence they are shown.